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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Meditation and Stress Relief

Meditate and Stress Relief are two thoughts that I think will help bring you clearer choices today. This is especially good if you have difficulty living day to day and trying to carve through the bumps and hurdles of life.
If you knew every day how to make the best choices just by meditating to reducing stress, your life would turn around so quickly it would almost feel as though you were reborn. Your confidence and happiness would sky rocket!

Meditating and Breathing 

You may worry that you are meditating wrong...You wonder if you are breathing right! Meditating and breathing is relaxed breathing the eventually turns to deep breathing. When you sit in your away space breathe as you normally do, close your eyes and listen to your breaths. In and out, in and out like waves in the ocean. If you start to think waves in the ocean automatically your breathing will become deeper and longer. Breathing in your nose and out your mouth. Breathing so your breaths 'in' are deep and your breaths 'out' are long.
It's all about filling your lungs and emptying your lungs.
Once you get into this kind of breathing the stress slides off...

Feeling Your Breaths Meditating 

A great tip to know while you are practicing the breathing is put one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. Breathe in and feel your stomach push outwards, breathe out and feel your chest rise from your stomach. Paying attention to your breaths will get you in the rhythm of breathing long slow breaths.

You're already Meditating  

Look, you're already meditating! Just paying attention to your breaths during meditation is the beginning of meditating. You are breathing and fooling your mind...All you are doing is breathing and calming your insides. When the mind is away, so is your stress. Meditating and stress relief is that easy. You can practice this anywhere.

Relieve Stress and Meditate Anywhere 

Sometimes you can be hit with hard and stressful days.
Why not meditate before your day becomes stressful?
Meditate right where you are?

When you practice your breathing you are turning on a switch inside you that stops the grinding of your gears and calms your fears, anxieties and stresses. You can do a mini meditate. Which is calming your breathing and closing your eyes. You will notice directly after you've done this, you are much more relaxed and think so much better.
Have you ever had it when you are in a mess stress with choices, everybody is around you waiting for an answer from you...And almost naturally you close your eyes take a few nice breaths...Then...You open your eyes and the perfect words spit out from your mouth?
Just you doing that action can calm an entire room!
Try it, because you-really-will-love it!
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