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Monday, 16 May 2011

Becoming a Better You Today

 By the time you have finished reading this post you will understand that becoming a better you today and doing this one technique is the only way your life will turn around.

Turn your life around...Why?
You are caught up in the web of life and  some-of-the-things-you- are-doing in your life are not working.

The Most Important way to become a better you, is think of just YOU!

Define in one sentence who YOU really are.

Here is an example: 
I am a six foot tall father and work for a business firm in New York. I love my job, but I wish I had more time to spend with my family and also wish I could play golf more.

If you pick this sentence apart, you will see some interesting points.

Try to find 3 Points that involve feeling... 
  • He is happy because he are a father
  • He is happy because he has a job he likes
  • He is unhappy because he feels he's not fulfilling what he should be doing with his family and missing out on leisure time.
Where is your peace of mind missing in your life?
It's usually just like this one...Right under your nose...     Really!
Look where your life lacks happiness by saying a statement about you.

This is where unhappiness starts if you don't fill in that missing link...
We need a full circle in life to feel we have a good life...

Focusing on this lack and not be able to apply the missing link into your life can cause real havoc in your whole Psyche!
You are doing some great things in your life, and you can feel better about you today.
Take that negative bit physic that's hiding around that little corner in your mind and deal with it today.
Exchange those feelings with positive feelings of gratitude and you will see tiny little things you can change to make you feel better make you feel happier.

How do you change today?
Just by being aware of what you have to change to become better today will move you in a place in life of a better position.
Now it's out in front instead of hiding in your physic.
*Here's the thing, people can't quite put their finger on what is making them so agitated, melancholy or just plain depressed.
It's all in the statement you say about yourself every day.

Imagine the unthinkable...
So this is how Mr Example changes his life...
He takes the family to dinner, play in the park or to a movie.It may only be a short time, but he feels relaxed because he's done something. The negative stress that caused this feeling of lack nice and easily slides off him. Like a rotten old banana in the heat!
Next, he takes his oldest child, children or just his wife golfing.
Imagine the unthinkable...

Today define who you really are!
Your life will change forever!
If you find that you have agitation creeping up your backside again, do this process all over again. This is an excellent technique to work on your whole life in staying balanced and becoming a better you today.
Don't forget to follow Stress Relief Meditation Techniques too!

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