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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Cure With Meditation

Does Meditation cure? Yes it can with diligence and will you can cure with meditation.

The nudges inside that prompt you to go out and enjoy are the same nudges that prompt you to meditate.
When you meditate you stop the harmful cortisol hormone from going through your body on overdrive.

Your body is poisoning itself when you are constantly going through stress.
You need to listen to yourself and have some down time.

Stress Relief and Meditation is the first place to find the cure to all ails.

Here are 3 Steps to get you going when you are feeling so stressed you can't come down.

  1. Go lie on your bed and take 3 easy breaths..
  2. close your eyes and take 3 easy breaths, but this time make them deeper and slower...
  3. Imagine yourself at your favorite spot with your favorite people...
Make sure that you do not worry about thoughts that come in just relax and feel the essence of what is within you.
Feelings are important in this imagination...Happy relaxing feelings is what you are to aim for.
After 15 minutes get up go for a nice 10 to 15 minute walk casually.
Then go back to work.
You will find your stress is gone and negative comments, feelings, people will not bother you as much.
Practice this every day for a feeling of aliveness.
If you do this often enough your life will change.
Change for the better that is!

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