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Friday, 8 April 2011

Difference Between Meditation and Concentration

What is the difference between meditation and concentration?

Is there a difference between the two?'

Meditation is the act of slowing down the brain so that you can clear your mind of chatter.
Concentration is a state of the mind bringing forth pictures for the mind to ponder and produce thought.
The interesting thing is if you can purposely concentrate during meditation on a moment of imagery that is pleasurable you can actually feel it's reality. The imagination is an amazing thing, much more amazing than you really think, because if you imagine long enough in meditation over numerous days or weeks you can actually make the imagination your reality.

You are actually meditating concentration on  your reality!

If you concentrate on a house at the beach and it is clear enough in your head...imagine...

Those commercials are right to say imagine, because you are bringing happiness and goodness to yourself. You are also making yourself feel better!
You do this every day for months...
Your imagination will come closer to you and the house becomes all of a sudden yours.

 I do have to emphasize clarity of the concentration.
This is where the real difference is between meditation and concentration.
With the breathing and focusing during meditation you are pulling things away from the brain in conjunction to concentrating on putting a desired picture in your head and animating it to make it 'movie like'...
You are putting favorable parts into it and playing with it to clarity.
When this gets concentrated (played) over and over daily..
Miracles happen...
All of a sudden one day you realize you are in that very moment in your animated movie!
Try this and enjoy the fun...You may just get everything you ever dreamed!

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