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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cd for Guided Relaxation

I really wanted to get this to you, it's a Cd for Guided Relaxation on youtube.
It's just a small part of the videos that Victor Davich has to help relieve your stress
and bring relaxation back into your life.
It's free for you to watch!

Focusing just on sounds!
This video in particular is  Victor Davich performing the 8 minute meditation
called the 'Naked Sound Meditation Technique'
and it involves pay attention to sound.

He guides you through the meditation with sound
and this relaxes you...

I felt a strange feeling about 5 minutes into meditation...

All the sounds in my house appeared to be very loud.
Obviously this was working on my listening sense...
It is pretty cool that focusing on this one sense made me feel
Try this and tell me what you think!
When you go to 8 click the avatar for 8 minute meditation and click the bonus!
The bonus has even more meditations for you for free.

Or find more stuff that you can purchase there!
I can't stand the stress and what a quick way to manage it through guided  8 minute meditations.

BONUS: you can download this track here for FREE

 Victor Davich and is a master in his field for meditation and stress relief.

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